Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning In Spring, Texas

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning In Spring, Texas

Throughout Spring, Texas, we have cleaned commercial solar panels on large ground mounted solar farms. A trained and insured professional should clean your solar panels as they are an expensive investment.

Regular cleaning of your panels is a no-brainer due to the cost savings it provides. Your energy bill can be greatly reduced if you increase the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more in areas with heavy soil, such as farms or air traffic paths. Commercial solar panel owners and operators will no doubt want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) and reap the most profit from their arrays as soon as possible. In order to accomplish this, you will need to clean your solar panels. If your solar panels are dirty, your ROI timeline will be severely shortened. When solar panels are clean, more light hits the solar cells, leading to more generation, and therefore a faster return on investment.

Our solar array health check includes the following six points:

  • It is important to have a professional clean solar panels
  • Inspecting the integrity of the solar panels’ glass in order to ensure that it is in good condition – birds can break the glass
  • There may be signs of damage, warping, or corrosion on the solar panel framework if the solar panels are not installed correctly
  • The roof fixings should be checked to ensure that they are still in place
  • It is important to check for signs of damage caused by birds and squirrels
  • You should check the inverter for any errors that may occur


Google’s Research on Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

There is a 1.6 Megawatt array of solar panels on Google’s campus in Mountain View, California. After 15 months of operation, they decided to have the system cleaned, and they noticed that the energy output had doubled overnight as a result. “When we cleaned them again eight months later, their output instantly increased by 36 percent. In fact, we [Google] found that cleaning these solar panels is the #1 way to maximize the energy they produce.”

Don’t Leave It To The Rain, Because rain can’t clean your panels

Rainwater cannot keep your solar panels clean, as you can see when you look at your windshield after a rare Spring rain shower. How much visibility would you lose if you didn’t wash your windshield for six months, even in sunny southern Texas? Your car will eventually “green over” if you leave it parked in your driveway for a long time. In Texas, hard water and calcium deposits adhere to the surface of the car even when it is rained on. We use our windshield wipers to clean the center of the screen, but dirt remains where the wipers do not reach. Because both your solar panel and your windshield are exposed to the same elements, they are in the exact same condition. When light is lost through your windscreen, visibility is lost. Solar panels can be cleaned according to the same principles.

Maintaining Your Solar System

Invest in a regular maintenance plan to save on solar panel cleaning! Take charge of your business’ energy consumption, now take charge of its maintenance with discounts based on frequency of service. For the best protection and savings on your renewable energy investment, we offer maintenance plans.

You can take advantage of the sun’s energy as efficiently as possible by installing solar panels. By converting the sun’s rays into energy, solar panels collect energy from the sun. Solar panels generate more energy when exposed to more sunlight. This is why it is important to get your panels cleaned on a regular basis. The most efficient way to extend the life of your solar panels is to clean them regularly. Late spring and late fall are the best times to clean your panels, according to most manufacturers. It may, however, be necessary to clean them more frequently depending on your location and other factors.

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